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Men’s Bravado Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

$259.0 $159.0

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  • Outer Shell: Real Leather
  • Leather Type: Sheepskin
  • Leather Finish: Semi-aniline
  • Inner Shell: Quilted Polyester Lining
  • Closure Style: Zipper
  • Collar Style: High Neck
  • Cuffs Style: Rib Knit
  • Removable fabric hood
  • Inside Pockets: Two
  • Outside Pockets: Five
  • Color: Black


Men’s Bravado Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

In the realm of fashion, few garments hold as much iconic status as the Bravado Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket. Crafted with precision and style in mind, this piece is more than just an article of clothing; it’s a statement of individuality and confidence.

Constructed from the finest real leather, this jacket boasts a premium quality that is immediately evident upon touch. The outer shell, made from supple sheepskin, ensures durability and longevity, while the semi-aniline finish adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.

But it’s not just about aesthetics—the inner shell of quilted polyester lining provides unparalleled comfort and warmth, making it ideal for brisk evenings and chilly days. Whether you’re strolling through city streets or embarking on a countryside adventure, this jacket has got you covered, quite literally.

The zipper closure and high neck collar offer versatility in styling and protection against the elements. Meanwhile, the rib knit cuffs not only enhance the jacket’s visual appeal but also help to seal in warmth, ensuring you stay cozy even in the harshest of conditions.

One of the standout features of this jacket is its removable fabric hood, adding a layer of functionality and adaptability to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer a sleek, streamlined look or crave the added warmth and protection of a hood, this jacket allows you to switch up your style effortlessly.

Storage is never an issue with the Bravado Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket. Boasting a total of five outside pockets and two inside pockets, you’ll have ample space to stow away your essentials, whether it’s your phone, wallet, or keys.

But beyond its practicality and functionality, this jacket is a symbol of confidence and individuality. With its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s not just a garment—it’s a statement piece that speaks volumes about your personal style and attitude.

So, if you’re ready to make a bold statement and embrace your inner style icon, look no further than the Bravado Black Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket. Whether you’re hitting the streets or taking on the great outdoors, this jacket is sure to turn heads and elevate your look to new heights.

Size Chart