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The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Season 5 Jacket

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  • External Material: 100% Suede Leather
  • Inner Lining: Polyester Lining
  • Front Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Collar Style: Detachable Broad Shirt Collar (Furred)
  • Color: Brown
  • Sleeve Length: Snap-Tab Cuffs
  • Inside Pockets: Two
  • Outside Pockets: Two


The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Season 5 Jacket – Unveil the Survivor’s Style

Prepare to stride into the post-apocalyptic world with the iconic Rick Grimes Season 5 Jacket from The Walking Dead series. Crafted from 100% premium suede leather, this jacket is a symbol of resilience and a testament to enduring style.

The distinctive element of this jacket is its design, mirroring the look of Andrew Lincoln’s character, Rick Grimes, from The Walking Dead Season 5. The jacket showcases a detachable broad shirt collar, providing a versatile style option. The added fur lining on the collar adds a rugged and bold touch, perfect for facing the challenges of a world dominated by the undead.

Functionality is at the core of this jacket’s design, featuring two outside pockets and two inside pockets. These pockets offer convenient and secure storage for your belongings, ensuring you’re prepared for the trials that lie ahead.

The inner lining, made of smooth polyester, not only enhances the jacket’s durability but also provides a comfortable wearing experience. The snap-tab cuffs allow for an adjustable and snug fit, adding to the jacket’s practicality and style.

Dressed in a rich brown hue, this Rick Grimes Season 5 Jacket is a tribute to the enduring spirit of survival portrayed in the series. As you don this jacket, you embody the strength and adaptability that defines Rick Grimes, making it more than just an apparel choice.

Embrace the legacy of The Walking Dead, and let the world witness your resilience and style with this suede leather jacket. A blend of function and homage to a beloved character, this jacket is a must-have for fans and fashion enthusiasts, carrying the essence of a survivor’s spirit.

Size Chart